Wolseley 25D High Energy Distributor with powermax Red Rotor Arm


Our Powerspark Wolseley High Energy Electronic 25D distributor provides your ignition system with a new lease of life with all brand new parts and a.

Specifically matched to your engine this custom built signature solution is only available in the UK through simonbbc & Powerspark ignition.
This High Energy solution gives you a more accurate and powerful spark throughout the rev range because it is matched to an electronic ignition coil ensuring that you get the maximum gains from your upgrade.
(The equivalent of a factory fitted electronic ignition system)

WOLSELEY - HORNET 1.0 Jan 1961 to Dec 1970
WOLSELEY - 16/60 1.7 Jan 1961 to Dec 1971
WOLSELEY - 18/85 1.8 Aug 1969 to Dec 1972
WOLSELEY - 18/85 1.8 S Jan 1970 to Dec 1972

Designed and developed to ensure the internal part are at the highest quality therefore we are confident we can offer the full Simonbbc warranty.

  • Improved performance
  • Improved Durability
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Easy plug and play installation
  • Further gains with the POWERMAX™ rotor arm

To be used with a coil with a resistance less than 1.4 ohms only
Please ensure that your Live ignition feed is on the +'ve side of the coil ready for your Powerspark Red wire.
Please ensure that there is no power is on the -'ve side ready for the Powerspark Black wire.

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