Bosch Powerspark Ford Transit 2.0 High Energy Electronic distributor


You can now get our Powerspark high energy electronic Bosch style Ford Transit Pinto engine distributor; this really is the best refresh your tired old ignition can get.

Complete with the Powerspark high energy module and matched to any high energy electronic ignition coil you will not need to change or fiddle with points again and you will be upgrading not only to electronic ignition but you will be making the spark more accurate and more powerful throughout the rev range.

By replacing the points and condenser with our electronic ignition system you will notice the difference as soon as you turn the key.

Replaces Bosch part number:
BOSCH 0986 237 002
BOSCH 0231 170 173
BOSCH 0231 170 172
BOSCH 0231 170 171
BOSCH 0231 170 091
BOSCH 0231 170 172
BOSCH 0231 170 091

To be used with a coil with resistance below 1.4 ohms only
Please ensure that your 12V non ballast ignition feed is on the +'ve side of the coil ready for your Powerspark red wire and no power is on the -'ve side ready for the Powerspark Black wire.

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