45D6 Triumph High Energy electronic distributor


Powerspark's High Energy 45D6 Electronic Distributor system is designed to upgrade your 22D6 & 25D6 or 45D6 distributor with the more modern custom built signature solution.
This High Energy distributor for Triumph delivers are much more accurate and powerful spark throughout the rev range and ensures a more reliable ignition once installed.

Inside the distributor is the Powerspark Black electronic module developed and tested by Powerspark Ignition to replace the troublesome points system with a modern hall effect sensor technology therefore we can offer the standard 12 months warranty with this package.

• Improved performance
• Improved durability
• Improved fuel economy
• Improved overall spark
• Easy plug and play installation

This system replaces the 22D6 & 25D6 distributors and does not come with a mechanical tacho drive attachment for those of you who have this (Triumph TR6, Spitfire etc we advise moving to an electronic tachometer).

For HT Leads Please Follow This Link 6 Cyl HT Leads

Ensure the vehicle is negative earth and the coil has a resistance below 1.4 ohms for positive earth please contact us directly.
Please ensure that your Live ignition feed is on the +'ve side of the coil ready for your Powerspark Red wire and no power is on the -'ve side ready for the Powerspark Black wire.

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