Ford Motorcraft 6 cylinder Essex V6 Powerspark Electronic Ignition Kit


Powerspark electronic ignition kit for Motorcraft distributors replaces points and condenser with in minutes with a set and forget ignition module, with improved dwell control and heat management, specifically designed to be more reliable than any other unit on the market !!

This Conversion Kit for 6 cylinder FoMoCo or Motorcraft Distributors fits:


CAPRI (ECJ) 2000 02/1969->02/1974
CAPRI (ECJ) 3000 01/1970->12/1974
CAPRI Mk II (GECP) 2.0 04/1976->12/1977
CAPRI Mk II (GECP) 3.0 02/1974->12/1977
CAPRI Mk III (GECP) 2.0 01/1978->12/1982
CAPRI Mk III (GECP) 3.0 01/1978->12/1981
CONSUL (GGFL) 2500 01/1972->12/1974
CONSUL (GGFL) 3000 01/1972->12/1974
CONSUL Coupe (GGCL) 3000 01/1972->12/1974
CONSUL Turnier (GGNL) 2500 01/1972->12/1974
CONSUL Turnier (GGNL) 3000 01/1972->12/1975
CORTINA (GBTS, GBFS, CBTS) 2.0 05/1975->07/1979
CORTINA (GBTS, GBFS, CBTS) 2.3 05/1975->07/1979
CORTINA Coupe (GBCK) 2300 V6 08/1971->02/1976
CORTINA Estate (GBNS) 2.0 05/1975->07/1979
CORTINA Estate (GBNS) 2.3 05/1975->07/1979
GRANADA (GGTL, GGFL) 3.0 01/1972->02/1976
GRANADA (GU) 2.0 08/1977->08/1985
GRANADA Coupe (GGCL) 3.0 01/1972->02/1976
GRANADA Estate (GGNL) 2.5 01/1972->02/1976
GRANADA Estate (GGNL) 3.0 01/1972->02/1976
GRANADA Estate (GNU) 2.0 08/1977->06/1985
ZEPHYR IV 2.5 03/1968->10/1972
ZEPHYR IV 3.0 03/1968->10/1972
ZEPHYR Mk IV Estate 2.5, 3.0  03/1968->10/1972
ZODIAC 2.5 11/1966->02/1972
ZODIAC 3.0 03/1967->10/1972
ZODIAK Station Wagon 3.0 03/1967->10/1972

This kit will convert most points distributors to an electronic model by simply replacing your points and condenser and feeding the two wires back to the coil Red positive and Black negative.

Do away with your troublesome points systems utilising your current standard points type ignition coil and why bother with any refurb or with inadequate points and condensers, gain much more from your engine simply by installing this module
Fitting Instructions supplied and no other parts needed

  • Improved performance
  • Improved ignition
  • Improved fuel economy - up to 17%
  • Easy PLUG & PLAY installation

  • 12 volt Negative earth only

    To be used with a coil with resistance above 1.5 ohms only
    Please ensure that your Live ignition feed is on the +'ve side of the coil ready for your Powerspark Red wire and no power is on the -'ve side ready for the Powerspark Black wire.

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