Volvo P1800 Amazon etc Bosch Distributor Right Hand Points Powerspark Electronic Ignition Kit


To suit the Volvo Penta and Volvo Amazon, P1800 engines with the right hand points set, please check that the points set is the right hand single set because there can be three types of points sets in this distributor
Also Porsche, BMW, Alfa-Romeo, Volvo, Saab, Air-cooled VW, etc.

Fits 4-cylinder Bosch vacuum-advance & centrifugal-advance distributors with one-piece, right-hand pivot pin points.

12V negative ground only.

Used in conjunction with our standard points coil this unit will improve your engines ignition performance and fuel economy
Notice the improvement the moment you turn the key.

*Thermal paste is supplied for application to the base of the module and metal plate this is advised prior to fitting within the distributor*

Compatibility Document

This ignition system is suitable to run between 6v and 16v
To be used with a coil with resistance above 1.5 ohms only Please ensure that your Live ignition feed is on the +ve side of the coil ready for your Powerspark Red wire and no power is on the -ve side ready for the Powerspark Black wire.

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