Powerspark Electronic Ignition Kit for 4 Cylinder Hitachi Points Distributors


K27 - Powerspark Electronic Ignition Kit for 4 Cylinder Hitachi Points Distributors

This kit is designed to replace the points and condenser inside 4 Cylinder Hitachi Points Distributors

These distributors can have model numbers D411-89, D412-69, D413-99, D4A2-01,D609, D6A4 and were fitted to a wide range of Japanese cars, commercial vehicles and also fork lift trucks.

Applications using 4 Cylinder Hitachi Points Distributors (not an exhaustive list):

Cars - 
Datsun and Nissan - 411 (1966-67) F10, 200SX, B-210, 620 Truck, 710 (1977), 720 Pick Up 1600cc, 1800cc, 2200cc (1980-86) 520 and 520 Trucks (1966-69), 510 (1968-69), 311 (1967-70), B-110 (1971-73), B-210, 610, 620 Truck, 710 (1974-76), 210 A12 engine (210 A12 engine), Sunny 1.3 and 1.5 (1982-4), Sunny 1.0 (1984-86), Stanza 1.6 and 1.8 (1982-86), Skyline 160k and 180k (1971-79), Prairie 1.5 (1983-84), Micra 1.0 (1983-89), Laurel 200L (1983-89), Cherry 1.0, 1.2, 1.5, 100A, 120A (1971-86), Cedric 200C (1969-84), Bluebird 1.6 and 1.8 (1980-84), Bluebird 160B and 180B (1972-80)

Dodge - Challenger 1400 & 1600cc 1980, 1400cc and 1600cc 1981
Honda - Prelude (1977-79), Civic (1973-79), Accord(1975-79)
Hyundai - Pony,Stellar (1984-86)
Mazda (not rotary) - 1200, 1500 (1970-71), 1800 (1970-74), 616, 808 (1971-72), B1600, 616, 618 (1972-74)
Plymouth -1400cc and 1600cc (1980-81)
Subaru - DL and DL 1400cc, GL (1975), 1000 and 1100 (1969-74), 1300G (1969-73),1600 SRX (1981 on), 1300 Saloon Coupe Estate  (1969-74), 1400 Saloon Coupe Estate (1973 on), 1600 Saloon Coupe Estate (1973 on), MV Pick Up (1978-82)

Commercial & Industrial:

Chevrolet - LUV Pickup (1974-75)
Ford Commercial - Courier Truck 1800cc (1972-73)
Datsun and Nissan Industrial - All D-11, Hitachi H20 engines, Mitsubishi 4G54 Hitachi J-15, 
Komatsu Industrial - 1990 and earlier Nissan engines, All H20 engine

A Powerspark Electronic Ignition Kit is everything you need to convert your car to electronic ignition.

Fitting is easy and instructions are included with the packaging, as well as available online.

Works from 6 volt to 12 volt applications.

Electronic ignition will give your classic car better starting and smoother running.


- Easy to install
- Replaces troublesome points and condenser
- No visible difference in your engine bay
- Improved starting
- Improved performance
- Improved durability
- Maintenance free


- Our standard kits are to be used with a coil resistance above 1.5 ohms
- Our High Energy kits are to be used with a coil resistance below 1.4 ohms
- Not to be used with copper HT Leads. 

We recommend our silicone HT leads with electronic ignition. Copper HT leads can limit the life of the electronic kit.

Powerspark Electronic Ignition explained in more detail:

The kit uses a simple magnetic trigger and optimises dwell to provide a reliable and consistent spark across the rev range. It is easy to install and maintenance free. 

Each kit comprises a metal bracket where the electronic module is mounted, trigger ring and all wiring. The new electronic bracket mounts exactly where the points and condenser baseplate sat. The kit connects directly to the coil using the wires provided, red to the positive side and black to the negative side. The ignition kit will automatically shut down if the ignition is left switched on without the engine running to prevent component damage.

Powerspark Electronic Ignition Kits are designed to work with a coil resistance above 1.5 ohms, typically 3.0 ohms. 

Do I need a High Energy Electronic Ignition Kit?

Some performance coils operate at a lower resistance and will need the High Energy electronic ignition kit. 

Our High Energy Electronic Ignition Kits are designed to be used with a lower coil resistance of less than 1.4ohms, suitable for a vehicle that requires a more accurate and powerful spark.

Full fitting instructions are included with your kit, and plenty more instructions can be found on our blog.

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