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The latest magazine endorsements

In the April edition of Practical Classics we have been featured in a Staff Saga section where the staff had a budget and were tasked with getting the vehicle of choice up and running.... we supplied them with a Powerspark electronic ignition so please read this article below


Magazine Endorsements 2011 and 2012 in most recent order  


The latest 2012 entry into the press is the positive earth conversion for the Triumph Herald.

We have also been featured on the cover Classic Ford Magazine with a double page spread covering the simple install of the Powerspark ignition kit

"Fit a reliable ignition system for £30" their words not mine.

Also featured in June Edition of Classics Monthly Magazine and were lucky enough to have been given a two page spread.

As you can see this article from the guys at Classic Monthly is a complete step by step walkthrough and goes a long way to acknowledge the Powerspark Ignition kit as a modern affordable solution and a reliable points replacement.

We have been developing this Electronic Ignition solution since 2004 and are now starting to see a genuine switch from the increasingly troublesome points systems to the more reliable and hassle free electronic ignition kit.

 Powerspark electronic ignition kit Accuspark Hot-spark Hotspark Hot spark Accu spark electronic ignition, our electronic igntiion kit fits MGB's Triumph distributors MGB distributor Mini distributor and is suitable for the Lucas Gold Sports ignition coil

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