powerspark distributor for Series II Land Rover

Monday 28 May, 2012

I have just fitted a Powerspark distributor in my Series IIA Land Rover. It was a straight swap, with no fitment issues, using my ancient coil and a extra rubber jointing piece for the vacumn advance, the total time taken including re timing was about ten minutes. I also used the beefier Powerspark HT leads.

The running quality was transformed. A massive flat spot under load just above tickover has completely vanished and the engine pulls smoothly throughout the rev range. I have owned this vehicle since the early 90's and it has honestly never run this well.

I think this conversion represents superb value for money, especially as my vehicle is now nice to drive.

I was very pleased with the high standard of customer support I received, it is rare to encounter staff with such a strong working knowledge of the products they sell

Will Logan
Testimonial By: william logan

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