Great Improvement

Friday 13 July, 2012

After some misfire problems, I decided I'd install a complete new ignition system on my 1964 Stage 2 tuned MGB. Even if it didn't solve the issue, at least when fixed, I'd have a more efficient system. I installed a new High performance electronic dizzy, leads and High Energy Lucas coil.
Eventually, after also finding a problem with the Weber carb and fixing that, I now have a car that starts better, ticks over from cool (new one that on my car as it was very lumpy, I though due to the cam), and pulls like a train from 1500 revs all the way through to the Orange line (it is nearly 50 yrs old!!).
Simon was a great help with my mechanic, the advice and service were fast, faultless, friendly and free. Thanks guys.
Testimonial By: Mark Bostock — Heathfield, UK

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