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Tuesday 06 September, 2011

Hello SimonBBC
Just wanted to pass on some positive feedback on the Powerspark Distributor and Lucas Sports Coil setup you supplied for my Morris Minor 1000.
Over a period of time, we had experienced the usual failures of rotor arms, condensers and rough running due to poor ignition.
These would often be fixed roadside, in the rain or outside a cafe in Europe, with the wife looking on disapprovingly. Given the relatively low cost of condensers and rotor arms, one doesn't feel hard done by at the time, but once these have
been swapped out time and time again, it does make you think.
Anyway, when the time came to bite the bullet and go electronic, I considered the many options and liked the idea of a pre-built performance electronic distributor and matched Lucas sports coil.
Suffice to say, even after a head-off rebuild and other modifications for reliability, the motor fired up immediately and my first impressions were
that the idle in particular was steady, compared to the "wandering" idle prior to replacement.
Pick up on the throttle has improved, with an immediate response to a pedal blip.
Once we have a number of longer tours under our belt, I hope to experience the anticipated reliability, but so far the impression has been very
positive indeed.
Congratulations on an excellent product with clear fitment instructions.
Best regards

Testimonial By: John Archer

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