Powerspark electronic ignition fitted to Triumph Spitfire 1500

Sunday 16 June, 2013

I recently purchased a Powerspark electronic ignition distributor for my spitfire 1500. opened the box to find simple instructions, unbolted the old Lucas D45 distributor and removed it from the car. Changed the coil for the lucas gold sports coil LBT105. slotted the new powerspark unit into the dog tooth in the engine and pushed it home. to engage the gears. connected up the vacume pipe to the cards, then connected the positive wire to the coil and the negative to the also to the negative post. put the key into the ignition and turned over the engine, on first turn of the key the car started, not perfectly timing, but the engine was running, got my timing light, and set up the timing. the car is now running smoothly and efficiently, had to reduce the idle speed as the new powerspark distributor seems to be producing a much better spark then the old points and condenser. an absolute breeze to fit and even easier to set up, approx. time to do all the install only 30 minutes. I would recommend this change to anybody. no more messing around with points and condenser having to set the gap. literately fit an start, dint forget to remove the ballasted wire from the coil, instructions don't tell you this.
Brilliant product wish I had changed 3 years ago to a powerspark.

Took the car for the MOT, emmissions lower this year with the powerspark, and whilst driving back with a pass throttle response is even better, instant power and a surge of acceleration, it has breathed new life into the car.
Testimonial By: Andrew Baker

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