Powermax Facts

POWERMAX Red Rotor Arm for Lucas distributor

Our POWERMAX red rotor arm upgrade is newly designed for high durability and performance.
As a result of the improved production materials and spring steel clip giving an extra snug fit this new rotor arm has a higher internal tolerance and overall quality preventing degradation over time ensuring that your spark lasts.
Which in a nutshell means this rotor arm is not going to suffer from the normal wear and tear of the more recent poorly manufactured alternative.
The POWERMAX red rotor arm coupled with our electronic modules can improve your fuel economy and performance so together you can see why these are a very good investment.

Main Reasons why the Red Rotor Arm is better than original Lucas rotor arms and replacement rotor arms

The moulded brass inlay dispenses with the troublesome rivet used on most versions which is known to short circuit.

The increased insulation properties of the body makes them suitable for use with high voltage coils & Powerspark electronic ignition conversion kits and especially a performance distributor.

The spring steel clip on the underside, in conjunction with a revised internal tolerance assures a really snug fit, even on old & slightly reduced diameter mountings.

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