Powerspark Range

Our range is growing quickly but with points and electronic solutions available for most vehicles the basis is the same.

High Energy is the top electronic package delivering in our range giving a more accurate and powerful spark throughout the rev range, 3 times the spark given by upgrading to our standard electronic solution. Matched to a more powerful electronic ignition coil the system is able to deliver an all together better output.

Even with our Powerspark standard electronic solution the result is improvement in fuel economy and driveability and because of the fixed position for firing it is more precise and more reliable than traditional points.

The experience we have with all aspects of advance curves and custom built distributors to suit standard, fast road or modified engines. This gives us the ability and confidence to pass on a 3 year warranty on all of our ignition solutions so that you can be confident that money is well spent and you really will notice the difference as soon as you turn the key.

For information on our range please click the image below, this shows a general overview of our solutions.

Should you need a specific advance curve set then we can provide this service ensuring that your engine is provided with the best match with the new distributor.

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