Powerspark A200 3.5 inch Digital Windscreen Speedo OBD Head Up Display HUD


HUDA200 - Powerspark A200 3.5 inch Digital Windscreen Speedo OBD Head Up Display HUD

Did you know at 40mph, whilst looking at your dials for 1 second your car will cover 16 metres?

1 second and 16 metres could be the difference between seeing the brake lights of the car in front… and hitting it. 

It could be the difference between seeing that ball bounce out from behind a parked car… or not.

Head Up Displays were developed for military pilots to ensure information can be received without any distraction. They project key vehicle information onto the windscreen.

The Powerspark A200 Head Up Display is an extremely light and compact dashboard mounted windscreen head up display projector. It has four display functions, Speed, RPM, Water Temperature and Voltage.

This small unit connects to the OBD port on your car and mounts on the dashboard. Being lightweight and compact, it’s easy to install and stow and remains subtle when not in use.

The A200 features 5 different alarms, each with an adjustable trigger point. This allows the driver to be warned when speed creeps over a certain figure, or when engine temperature starts to climb. 

These adjustable trigger points make the A200 ideal for long distance travelling, or driving in average speed limits and built up areas.


- Speed
- Water Temperature
- Battery Voltage

5  User Adjustable Alarms:

- Speed Warning
- Water Temperature Warning
- Voltage Warning
- Fatigued Driver Alarm
- RPM Alarm


- Plug and play connectivity, suitable for any OBDII or EUOBD capable vehicle
- 3.5 inch HD display
- Multi-colour design with new improved brighter screen for 2017
- Rich contents featuring 4 information feeds and 5 user adjustable alarm settings
- Auto on / off on vehicle start and stop
- 5 level brightness adjustment with automatic mode

Product Size: 90mm x 54mm x 12mm 
Product Weight: 40g 

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